Iran produces premium quality wild Asafoetida gum. Iran have large acres and first rank of this organic and incredible gum among all other countries

    Asafoetida contains sulfide and monoterpene compounds including β-Pinene, –α Pinene, Granyl Astate, Bornyl Astate and etc.

    Asafoetida gum contains Galactose, Glucose, Rhamnose, Arabinose and Glucoronic Acid.

    Asafoetida and incredible properties

    Asafoetida have a warm and dry nature. It is recommended for toothache, side pain, urinary excretion enhancement, pertussis , asthma and etc..

    Asafoetida and food industry uses

    Asafoetida gum is used as an herb in food industry and as an additive for sauce, fish and vegetables.

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